Letter from the family of Shirley Chalk

Submitted by kortney on Wed, 03/04/2020 - 14:42

I wanted to take a minute to recognize great care that Ozark Health Hospital gave to my mom. My mom, Shirley Chalk, was admitted to swing bed a few weeks ago.  She came in hopes to do therapy and get stronger, but her advanced cancer had other plans.  The staff was so kind and attentive. Particular staff that I would like to recognize are Tori, Dr. Kendrick, Victoria, and Dr. Freeman.

Tori was so sweet and gentle with my mom. Her bedside manner is extremely impressive for someone so young. My family from Texas still talks about what a sweet girl she was.  This is more appreciated than you could imagine.

Dr. Kendrick did more in 1 day than I could get Baptist and UAMS to do in 3 weeks.  I was super impressed with his kind attitude and for taking time to genuinely listen to our concerns.  His work with my mom and kindness will not be forgotten. I am proud to work in a facility with him here.

Dr. Freeman was also very kind and gentle with my mom. He works for Hospice also, which gives him a caring nature for the dying. He explained options and took time to really listen to our concerns and grief.  It was a pleasure dealing with him during such a devastating time.

Victoria works night, but so did I at the time. I would check on my mom throughout the nights on my breaks.  She would talk to me and answer questions and just listen to me when I would come out of my mom’s room crying.  She was truly amazing during my mom’s stay.

Last but not least, what could I say about Dr. Schoettle. He loved my mom and she loved him. He was kind and gentle. He explained my mom’s situation better than anyone, since she was first diagnosed. He took my sister’s and I aside and gave us the facts. Even though it was not good news, he made us feel like we would be ok.  He is the one that told my mom she was not going to make it and even pulled my dad aside with my sisters and I and told him.  It was so much easier coming from him.  Dr. Schoettle is the first out of everyone that told it to us straight, but in a loving manner. He is the best.

Overall I could not be more pleased with the entire staff, from Dr. Simpson in the ER to all the aides and nurses in the hospital. I am proud to be a part of a company that has such caring staff.


Thank you,

DK King, LPN

MDS Coordinator

Ozark Health Nursing and Rehab Center

2500 HWY 65 South

Clinton, Ar 72031