Price Transparency

To help you better understand the real costs of healthcare and prepare for potential out-of-pocket expenses, the document linked below contains a price list for services rendered at Ozark Health.

This document is Ozark Health’s official chargemaster—a comprehensive listing of items billable to a patient or insurance provider. The chargemaster contains standard, baseline charges which may or may not reflect the amount billed to patients and/or their insurance providers. Ozark Health maintains the same set rates for all patients; however, the charges billed to each patient depend on his or her insurance coverage.

Government insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, have separate rates that hospitals are obligated to accept, so if you have government-issued insurance coverage, your charges may not be those listed on the chargemaster.

Similarly, if you have a commercial insurance policy, your total bill may or may not reflect the standard charges as insurance providers typically negotiate payments. For questions regarding out-of-pocket expenses after insurance payments, contact your insurance company to discuss your coverage and financial obligations. Uninsured patients may contact our Patient Accounts office before services are administered to discuss potential charges and payment arrangements.

All standard charges are estimated for services without complications. Due to individual conditions and specific procedures, additional tests or services may be required to fully treat patients and provide quality healthcare. The chargemaster also does not include physician fees. Final bills will include charges for all services provided.

For more information, please contact the Patient Accounts office at (501) 745-9523.

Ozark Health Cost of Care

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Cost Estimator Tool

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