Celebrate Case Management Week
October 13-19

At Ozark Health, we are lucky enough to have the best of the best. That certainly rings true when we talk about Case Management.

Complete lunch and beverage for $5.75, or the NEW Plenti Plate option for $3.45

Lunch hours are 10:30-2:00


Monday, October 14-Chicken and Dumplings or Mushroom Chopped Steak

Tuesday, October 15-Stir Fry or Turkey and Dressing Casserole

Mr. Loyd Holley has been named Auxilian of the Year for Under 100 Bed Hospitals.

Loyd Holley of Ozark Health Inc. is a true poster child for the “Hospital Auxilian of the Year.” A look at the Volunteer hours he has logged shows his passion and dedication to Ozark Health.