Ozark Health Applies for Level Trauma Designation

Submitted by kortney on Fri, 09/22/2017 - 13:16

Clinton, Arkansas – Ozark Health Medical Center has applied with the Arkansas Department of Health to pursue re-designation as a Level 4 Trauma Center. The application will be reviewed next week and a decision to direct trauma patients to Ozark Health may come in days.

Ozark Health withdrew from the trauma program in May 2016 with the option of re-applying in the future. The decision to withdraw was based on a number of onerous program requirements. Participation in the program is optional and not all Arkansas hospitals participate in the trauma program.

Ozark Health still operates as if it were in the trauma program. “The level of emergency services has not decreased; in fact, we have improved in a number of areas including ultrasound and tele-radiology capabilities,” said David Deaton, Ozark Health Chief Executive Officer. Ozark Health also participates in the AR Saves stroke program.

A local EMS provider has expressed concerns about bringing moderate or major trauma patients to Ozark Health. “This prompted us to revisit our participation in the trauma program,” said Deaton. “Although state law allows patients to choose the hospital, renewing our participation in the trauma program eliminates any concerns EMS personnel may have in transporting patients to Ozark Health.” The mission of Ozark Health is to always provide outstanding health care.

EMS professionals have expressed preference of Ozark Health over other hospitals. Coming to Ozark Health can reduce travel time for the EMS team, patient and family members. Ozark Health continues to be dedicated to quality emergency services.