Mr. Loyd Holley has been named Auxilian of the Year for Under 100 Bed Hospitals

Submitted by kortney on Tue, 10/08/2019 - 14:20

Mr. Loyd Holley has been named Auxilian of the Year for Under 100 Bed Hospitals.

Loyd Holley of Ozark Health Inc. is a true poster child for the “Hospital Auxilian of the Year.” A look at the Volunteer hours he has logged shows his passion and dedication to Ozark Health.

During the last year-Loyd logged 203 hours. His responsibilities include working the front desk twice a month, cleaning all wheel chairs and patient chairs in the waiting room. He also works Bingo in the Nursing Center every Thursday and participates in the “Red Hat” activity in the Nursing Center every other Thursday. He also has supported the “Mother’s Day Tea” by handing out cookies and punch and the “Father’s Day Ice Cream Social”-all of which are Nursing Center activates. He also spends time purchasing prizes for BINGO.

He shares time with the residents of the Nursing Center and they appreciate his kindness, this could be because Loyd is 91 years young and he can relate with them in regards to their past.

When there is a vacancy in position, Mr. Loyd always steps in and does whatever he is asked to do.

Loyd retired from a long time career as a cement truck driver in California. He moved to Arkansas in 2002 and joined the Auxiliary in 2008.

The hard work and dedication that Mr. Loyd provides to the Auxiliary and to Ozark Health is second to none. He is greatly appreciated and we are honored that one of our own was awarded this prestigious award.