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September 15-21

Ozark Health has a therapy department that is second to none, especially in a rural setting. People travel from far and near to receive the services that Ozark Health’s Therapy Department provides. Ozark Health is a better place because of the services that Therapy provides. We are certainly lucky to have this team of caring professionals.

The Therapy Department at Ozark Health provides services in the Hospital, Outpatient Center, Nursing Home and Rehab, the FFB Outpatient Clinic and to Home Health in and around Van Buren County. These men and women are certainly busy.

The Therapy Department is always busy in the Nursing Center. Many times, Therapists can be found singing to residents to get them in better spirits so their sessions can go more smoothly. The residents certainly enjoy this time and they begin looking forward to therapy.

When we talk numbers, sometimes that is overwhelming! Check out what therapy did last year......

Hospital Visits: 8922

NH/Rehab Visits: 3309

Clinton OP Visits: 3916

Fairfield Bay OP Visits: 1897

Cardiac Rehab Visits: 911

Home Health Visits: 7285

Home Health Miles: 79256

Total Therapy Visits: 26240

If you see a member of this outstanding Therapy Department out, please let them know how appreciated they are. Ozark Health is fortunate to have them.

The team at FFB will be added tomorrow.