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Ozark Health has a wonderful Surgery Department. 10 people work in Surgery, that includes 6 RN’s, 2 LPN’s (one LPN doubles as scrub tech) and 2 Scrub Techs. They have a combined 164 years of experience between them. That’s a lot of experience for such a small area.

Surgery is a very team oriented department. With limited staff members, it is important that everyone pitches in where they can. Most of our staff is cross trained in all areas of the dept. Many times, a RN might scrub in a case, push scopes or wrap instruments just like the scrub techs would. The scrubs might answer phones, help take patients to their vehicles, or help clean up. It takes every single person for the department to run so efficient. The staff works very hard and it shows in their daily work. Ozark Health is proud of them and the great job they do.

Dr. Wallace and Dr. Fleeman keep the department busy scheduling and performing cases all during the week.

The Surgery Dept. offers different services including: Orthopedics on Monday and Wednesdays. We do a wide variety of procedures from Total Joint Replacements, Shoulder and Knee Arthroscopy’s, ACL repairs all the way to smaller cases such as Carpal Tunnel and Trigger Finger Releases. General Surgery, Endoscopes, and local procedures are done on Tuesdays, and Thursdays. This could be Gallbladder Removal, Laparoscopic Hernia repairs, Colon Resections, Excisions of Lumps, Bumps or Masses, all the way to EGD’s and Colonoscopy’s. That’s a wide variety of procedures that could be done during one week.

Since January 1, 2019, surgery has seen 656 patients, completed 814 procedures, about 60 of those being a Total Joint Replacements. These are amazing numbers for such a small department.

Please let the surgery department know we appreciate them. Ozark Health is a better place because of this team.