Celebrate Radiology Week November 3-November 9

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Celebrate Radiology Week

November 3-November 9

Ozark Health has a great Radiology Department and we are so excited to celebrate them.

In the Imaging department, there is a staff of 12 who are all trained in more than one modality and most are able to do 3 or more which is unheard of in Imaging departments. Combined, the department has an estimated 120 plus years’ experience in the Imaging field.

The Radiology department performs diagnostic Radio-graphic procedures that involve general radiography and Fluoroscopic procedures of the gastrointestinal tract. They also assist in surgical procedures involving placement of port catheters and orthopedic implants.

In CT, they do various studies of the GI tract and vascular studies of the arteries in the head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis and lower extremities. They also assist in finding strokes and performing scans that involve traumatic injuries.

In mammography, they assist women in screening for breast cancer which is the second deadliest cancer in women. They also perform diagnostic procedures to help patients either rest assure that they don’t have a cancer or they are able to find the cancer and assist with helping these women and occasionally men with getting prompt care and attention.

In ultrasound, they perform various studies of the arterial and venous systems. They also perform echo cardiograms, do studies of the biliary system and are able to find acute disease of the gallbladder. Ultrasounds on soon to be mothers can be completed at Ozark Health as well.

In MRI, they are able to find subtle fractures of the musculoskeletal system not detected by X-ray or CT. MRI is able to see various cranial nerves and organs as small as the pituitary. It is able to determine stroke in patients who may not present well in CT procedures.

Did you know-in 2018 Did you know…..

In 2018 Radiology has performed

*9,559 Diagnostic x-rays

*4,263 CT Scans

*1,227 Mammograms

*1,984 Ultrasounds

*916 MRI’s

As you can see, Radiology does so much! Please help us celebrate them, and all the wonderful things they do for Ozark Health.