Submitted by kortney on Tue, 02/18/2020 - 14:35

February 16-February 22

The Plant Operations/Maintenance department at Ozark Health does so much to keep Ozark Health running smoothly. 6 men make up this department, and they have 47 years of experience just at Ozark Health.

This department does so much more than just the regular maintenance we all think of. They have a preventative maintenance program that does daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checks to make sure that everything is in working order. They also service on average 1000 work orders per month.

Along with inspecting all electric issues, they also check equipment, along with the generator to insure the safety of Ozark Health. Many times, they can be seen moving furniture before new residents in the Nursing Center make their homes there, painting walls and hanging décor in the patient rooms. Plant Operations/Maintenance also makes sure the offices are painted in a coordinating color and that desks and equipment is moved whenever someone gets a whelm for change. Plant Operations/Maintenance also picks up trash around the facility daily to make sure Ozark Health always looks neat and clean.

Along with all the tasks already listed, they make sure everyone has the keys that they need, perform routine checks on Secure Care for the Nursing Center, and coordinate elevator inspections with the state.

Plant Operations/Maintenance is also the first call during disasters such as water outages, storms, and other emergencies. They are also on standby when a function is about to take place on or off campus. Often times they move tables or chairs are needed, or something heavy needs moved. They also service the Specialty Clinic and the Fair Field Bay Clinic, along with assisting the city and county with any facility water, electric or sewer issues.

If you see these hard working men around the facility, please let them know we appreciate them.