Submitted by kortney on Mon, 10/21/2019 - 13:26

October 20-October 26

Ozark Health has a great pharmacy team. They play such an important role in keeping Ozark Health healthy!

When you think of a pharmacy, you probably imagine a room full of pharmacist dispensing medicines to the community. Many times this is the case, but at Ozark Health, all of this work is done by three people. They review all of the medical and patient charts for the Nursing Home and the Hospital, and they watch as the meds are passed in the Nursing Home.

The medicines that are needed are kept in a Pyxis machine. This is a large cabinet. There are 4 within the facility. They are located in Out-Patient, Surgery, ER, and Med-Surg. When the Pyxis is low on a medicine, a computerized system notifies the pharmacy, and lets them know. The cabinet is then refilled.

If you see a member from our outstanding Pharmacy department, please let them know how appreciated they are. Ozark Health is very fortunate to have them. Without them, patients would not get the medicines that they need, when they need them. This could have a great impact on their health and recovery.