Submitted by kortney on Tue, 03/17/2020 - 15:25

Ozark Health has an Employee Services Department that is top notch. This department consists of 2 ladies who have worked at Ozark Health for a combined 37 years, with 28 of those being exclusively in Human Resources. 

Keri and Sally work hard for all of us. They take care of payroll and make sure we all receive a check when we should, as well as dealing with everyone's benefits-what they do is no small task. 

They check salaries on compare websites to make sure that our salaries are comparative with neighboring facilities. This team is also responsible for our employee engagement surveys so that a comparison can be made and we can use the data to be the best facility that we can be. 

One amazing thing about the Employee Services Department is that they are in contact with every employee who comes in the door, and for some, their real first conversation. They are also tour guides as they explain the facility for the first time. 

This team has a great personality, an is always willing to help whenever they are needed. They often serve on countless group and committees all to help their fellow employees. 

Keri holds a BA in Human Resource Management. She helps everyone sign up for benefits and handles any claim and issue that employees need help with. She researches the claims, sees if they are billed correctly, and gets to the bottom of the issue. 

Sally holds a BA in Organizational Management and is also an Arkansas Healthcare Human Resources Association Board Member. 

If you see this team this week, please let them know how appreciated they are.Ozark Health is lucky to have them.