Celebrate Case Management Week

Submitted by kortney on Fri, 10/18/2019 - 09:51

Celebrate Case Management Week
October 13-19

At Ozark Health, we are lucky enough to have the best of the best. That certainly rings true when we talk about Case Management.

Lisa Stevenson graduated from Nursing School with a BSN in May 1990. She has 25 years of case management experience in variance fields of practice. In April 2010 she became a Certified Case Manager. She has been the case manager at Ozark Health for 7 Years. She enjoys providing support to all areas of the hospital.

Case managers are Registered Nurses who coordinate all aspect of the care of individual patients. They ensure proper utilization of services and resources. CM work with patients, families, physicians, nurses and other members of the healthcare team to meet current and future complex patient needs. They ensure that patients receive medically appropriate services. They are knowledgeable regarding insurance reimbursement policies regarding healthcare. Patients are evaluated to make sure they receive the appropriate level of care. CM facilitate the admission and discharge process, ensuring that discharge plans meet the physical, social and emotional needs of the patient. CM arrange for post acute care services such as home health services, nursing home placement, hospice services and any needed home equipment.

Lisa, thank you for all you do for Ozark Health. We certainly appreciate you and you do not go unnoticed.